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Trauma Informed Psychotherapy

I use a client-centered, trauma informed approach to psychotherapy, and believe that therapist and client are partners in healing. My goal is not to see clients indefinitely, but to help you gain the insight and skills necessary to integrate your past and create the most authentic vision for your future.


My approach to therapy is heavily influenced by Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, somatic psychotherapy (influenced by the work of Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges and Peter Levine), Relational Therapy, NARM, and DBT and CBT.  Together with my client, we explore which modalities will best serve their individual’s needs and goals. 


While I have over six years of experience with ketamine assisted psychotherapy, I am currently working as an intern at Simply Being Therapy in Nashville, Tennessee as I complete my Master's in Social Work (MSW). 


Learn more about Simply Being Therapy, the team, our fees and how to book by clicking the link below.


Dr. Kalstein has a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a licensed acupuncturist in Tennessee.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient and comprehensive holistic system that utilizes diet, movement, lifestyle, herbs, and acupuncture to restore balance in the physical and energetic body. In addition to using specialized acupuncture needles, Dr. Kalstein may utilize cupping, moxibustion and gua sha to move stagnant Qi throughout the body.


Acupuncture has been shown to be beneficial for a variety of health conditions, including pain conditions, insomnia, stress, fertility, and many others. 


Initial appointment – 60 mins – $110

Follow Up Appointments – 45 mins – $85


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Psychedelic Integration 

Dr. Kalstein has 20 years of experience with psychedelic integration. She spent over 10 years studying with teachers in Brazil in the Santo Diame lineage, a group that uses ayahuasca as a sacrament. She has also studied in Peru and is familiar with Kambo (Sapo), peyote, psilocybin, DMT, and MDMA.  She received her Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Research (CPTR) from California Institute for Integral Studies in 2021, where she was taught by Rick Doblin, Bill Richards, Mary Cosimano, Michael and Annie Mithoefer, and many other experts in the field. She has completed 100 hours of training with MAPS to become a certified MDMA Therapist, and will complete the training once MDMA is legalized. She takes a harm reduction, trauma-informed approach to integration and psychedelic work. Dr. Kalstein may offer a variety of modalities including Acupucnture, somatic work, lifestyle changes, nutritional support, supplements, and/or psychotherapy, deepening on the individual need.

Your particular goals and needs, as always, will guide the work. 

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Naturopathic Consultation

Dr. Kalstein is a licensed naturopathic doctor in California and has been licensed since 2016. Tennessee does not license Naturopathic Doctors (ND) therefore Dr. Kalstein does not practice medicine, that is diagnose, treat or prescribe, here in Tennessee. Dr. Kalstein cannot serve as your physician here and strongly recommends that you maintain a primary care physician locally.


She can provide naturopathic consultation and natural health education, and will make recommendations regarding nutrition, lifestyle practices, herbal medicine and supplement suggestions for a variety of health concerns and overall wellbeing. She can also recommend topics to bring up with your regular physician regarding blood work, imaging, and treatment options. She specializes in integrative approaches to mental health, women’s health, hormones, stress management and gut health. This is for clients who are holistically minded, those looking for an in depth understandings of their biology,physiology, and/or those looking to optimize their health. If you live in California, Dr. Kalstein can order labs, diagnose and prescribe medications when necessary.


Initial consultation 75 mins – $300

Follow up consultation 30 mins – $150

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