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with Dr. Tyna Moore

Episode 76:

Depression and Ketamine Therapy

There are many causes for depression, from metabolic issues like low thyroid to inflammatory processes causing the brain to light on fire. Dr. Tyna Moore sits down with Dr. Katelyn Kalstein to find out more about how Naturopathic Medicine excels at helping treat depression, but also all about ketamine therapy as a powerful modality to make major shifts for people suffering.

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STACKED with Joe DiStefano

Stacked 029 - Psychedelic Treatment of Depression with Dr. Katelyn Kalstein

Having experienced the fascinating effects of ketamine myself, I couldn’t wait to sit down with Dr. Katelyn and take a deep dive into mental health, the reasons we experience depression, how ketamine combats those feelings, and why antidepressants are so harmful and hard to quit. This conversation absolutely did not disappoint. Dr. Katelyn’s story is incredible and her work is changing lives and literally reshaping brains. Don’t miss this episode!

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PEAK HUMAN with Brian Sanders

Episode #73 Full Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Actionable Advice & Info w/ Dr. Katelyn Kalstein & Dr. Gary Shlifer

This is a special episode on the Coronavirus COVID-19 with actionable advice and full info download.

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EVOLVE with Pete Evans

April 28, 2020


A deep conversation with Dr. Katelyn Kalstein & Chef Pete Evans

on all things life, healing, boundaries, and more.

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