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You have the power to transform your health.

Meet Dr. Katelyn Kalstein



Dr. Kalstein practices patient-centered, science-informed medicine.


Patient-centered means we work together to make practical and responsible health decisions that fit your life and your values. This new paradigm is one of equality and partnership, rather than an authority telling the patient what to do.


Dr. Kalstein creates a therapeutic space in each encounter, allowing the patient’s own vital energy to restore harmony and balance. She is most interested in helping patients prevent disease, rewire their neurobiology and live authentically in alignment with their values.

Naturopathic Medicine:

The Original Root Cause Medicine

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"After struggling with my allergies for months, Dr. Kalstein helped create a new plan to address my health. She provided IV's, Vit D shots and personalized testing so we could see directly what was going on in my body and get it back in balance. It was nice to have a partner to go through this journey with. She is a healer!”


- Sarah Greenfield, Functional Nutritionist


The most powerful medicine we have is within us:

in our ability to heal a wound without skipping a beat, in our ability to rejuvenate every night while we sleep, in our ability to assimilate food into energy...

These are, even to scientists today, magical processes.

Learn how to harness this inherently intelligent, healing power of nature and watch your life transform

- Dr. Kalstein