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Dr. Kalstein is the former Clinical Director of Field Trip Health, Los Angeles. Trained by Dr. Phil Wolfson in 2018, she has 5 years of clinical experience working with ketamine for patients with depression and other mental health diagnoses, both in private practice and at Field Trip.  With over 20 years of empirical experience with psychedelics and meditation, Dr. Kalstein was fortunate to be able to put her expertise into her clinical practice through the legal use of ketamine.  


Dr. Kalstein received her Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Research in 2022 from CIIS, and is in training to become a MAPS therapist. She is passionate about the safe and ethical use of psychedelics to treat mental health conditions and improve our quality of life. She believes these medicines have the power to create lasting and meaningful change, leading us to live with more connection, meaning, compassion and fulfillment in our lives.


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Ketamine Consultation

Is Ketamine the right medicine for me?

What is the best route of administration?

Who should I work with?

How many sessions will I need?


Psychedelic Integration

Ingesting the medicine is just one part of the process. How to safely prepare for and integrate your experience afterward are crucial steps to making the most of your journey.


Clinical Development

Dr. Kalstein has helped several medical clinics start their ketamine program. She consults with physicians, therapist, and NPs on best practices and operations to start your own ketamine practice.



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