Discovery Radical Healing through Integrative

& Transformational Medicine. 


Science Informed, Patient Centered.


Meet Dr. Kalstein


As a licensed naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Kalstein offers evidence-based holistic approaches that get you out of pain and back to life. 

I went into Naturopathic Medicine because  I didn't want to just manage symptoms, I wanted to help people transform & reclaim their health & their lives. 


When the average time a doctor spends with their patient is 7 minutes, what can really be accomplished?


In order to heal, we need time, space, and support. 

We need someone to listen.

We need sustainable solutions beyond drugs and surgery.

Science gives us the roadmap,

but real life doesn't happen in a test tube. 


People aren't data points.

There are safe and effective solutions that can help you thrive.


Solutions that fit your values and lifestyle. 


Solutions that use the healing power of one’s own body and stand up to the rigors of modern science.


Solutions that shouldn’t be labeled “alternative.” 

The absence of disease does not equal health.

"As a dietitian and functional medicine practitioner, I am VERY picky about who I will work with. After meeting Dr. Kalstein, I knew she was the person I wanted to have be a part of my own personal health journey. After struggling with my allergies for months, she helped create a new plan to address my health. She provided IV's, Vit D shots and personalized testing so we could see directly what was going on in my body and get it back in balance. It was nice to have a partner to go through this journey with. I love referring clients to her whenever I can, she is a healer!”


- Sarah Greenfield, Functional Nutritionist @fearlessfig


11650 Riverside Dr. PH-2A Studio City, CA  |  Tel: 818-747-2331

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