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A Different Kind of Doctor


I believe everyone should have a healthcare provider they can not only trust,

but engage without fear of judgment, rejection or dismissal.



The average time spent with a primary care doctor in the United States is 7-10 minutes.

I spend 75-90 minutes with a new patient, and between 30-60 minutes for follow up appointments. 

This gives my patients and I plenty of time to share, communicate and explore what is going on in their health journey.


The process of getting well is, at the deepest level, learning to master yourself.

It is estimated that up to 40% of people are receiving their health information from the internet and social media. But with all this information, there's also plenty of misinformation. It's impossible to know where or how to start. My job is to help you sift through the data and clarify what approach is best for you.



Healing is more than symptom control or finding the right supplement; it's truly a transformative experience. 

Patients who get better tend to have a few things in common: they take responsibility for their health and their choices and feel empowered to make better choices for their bodies and their lives.


Using the power of relationship and education in order to allow an individual to experience physical, emotional, and mental well-being, in the service of leading a spiritually fulfilling life, my mission is to create a space of transformation, grounded in safety and non-judgment, wherein an individual may align with their deepest values in the process of becoming and being well.


The Logistics


What can I expect during our first visit?

  • One to two hours for the first visit, during which time I will perform a thorough personal health history

  • Address your specific health concerns

  • Discuss your lifestyle, nutritional status, emotional and mental health

  • Look into preventative therapies based on family and genetic history

  • Review all supplements and medications you are currently taking


You will receive:

  • Clear information about your body, specific health condition, and options on how to proceed with your treatment

  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

  • Mindbody therapy recommendations

  • Analysis of any previous lab work you would like to share prior to your appointment

  • Recommendations to change supplements/medications if needed

  • Orders for traditional blood work and specialized test as needed

  • Detailed written treatment plan containing the information above


What can I expect in follow up visits?

  • Review of any test results

  • Answer ongoing health question

  • Troubleshoot difficulties in implementing treatment plan

  • Make adjustments to your current plan as needed

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