Regenerative Joint Injections


Regenerative joint injections utilize the innate healing capacity of the body to regenerate tissues, relieve pain and improve function of the joints. 

These non-surgical treatments - from prolotherapy to exosomes (the concentrated version of “stem cells”) - offer alternative options to the standard cortisone treatment.  

As opposed to cortisone, which just decreases inflammation, these therapies actually treat the cause by regenerating tissues, providing better outcomes over time. 

Depending on the therapy chose, Dr. Kalstein will inject a substance into your aching joint.  This substance may be dextrose (prolotherapy), your own concentrated serum (PRP), or exosomes. 

The process of injecting a slightly irritating solution stimulates a natural inflammatory response in the joint. The body sends healing cells, growth factors, and lubricating compounds to regenerate the damage.  

You can think of it like a homing signal telling the body where and what to heal. 

Within 2-4 treatments, most people notice a significant improvement in pain, mobility and function. (Caveat: this all depends on your overall health in general.  Inflamed people tend to have inflamed (in the not-so-good way) joints and these therapies may not take.)

Dr. Kalstein has trained with a leader in the field of regenerative joint injections, Dr. Tyna Moore DC, ND.  Dr. Moore trained with renowned regenerative physician Dr. Rick Marinelli for over 20 years. Whereas most training for doctors in prolotherapy is a weekend course, Dr. Kalstein underwent a year-long program to study regenerative injection techniques - the most extensive regenerative therapy course on the market today. 





"After years of seeing different pain management specialists and only achieving minimal, short-lived results, Dr. Kalstein has given me hope for a pain free life. Trigger point injections have worked better and lasted significantly longer than any chiropractic adjustment or other pain management modality I’ve tried. After one session I immediately noticed a drastic improvement not only in pain, but also range of motion and stabilization of my joints.  Thanks to Dr. Kalstein’s expertise I’m back to being active with my friends again, without all of the pain flare ups.” 

- Brianna J.