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Prevention vs. Pathology

Focusing on prevention and epigenetics, we can prevent problems before they start. 

In ancient China, the physician was paid when the patient was healthy.  When the patient was ill, the doctor's pay was withheld.  This is an inspiring model, and speaks to the importance of your doctor orienting towards prevention, rather than disease.  Yet conventional medicine virtually ignores prevention, and instead cashes in only when the body is depleted to the point of requiring extreme interventions, namely drugs or surgery.  This is because in Western medical schools our doctors learn about disease, not health.

We now have clear evidence that our genes are not necessarily our destiny; we are in control of which genes turn on or off through our lifestyle choices and habits.  This control is called epigenetics, and it gives us the power to change the expression of our DNA, and thereby change our overall health.

Epigenetics and prevention are essential parts of the holistic and naturopathic model and using them leads to longevity and optimal health.  In each visit with the doctor, she will address concrete ways for you to prevent the conditions you are genetically susceptible to.  In some cases this may require in-depth genetic testing. 

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